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We develop tailored solutions for your individual sector and business challenges by leveraging our knowledge and expertise from across all industries and sectors. Furthermore, we continuously adapt and refine our approach to ensure it aligns with your specific needs. Consequently, our solutions are not only innovative but also highly effective in addressing the unique challenges you face.

Our industry focus means that we look at the overall landscape in parallel with your business needs. Moreover, we recommend and execute the right solutions accordingly. Consequently, our approach ensures that we address both broad industry trends and specific business requirements simultaneously.

ABS Accountancy Covers the following Sectors

catering & hospitality

Catering & Hospitality

The hospitality and leisure industry embraces a spectrum of sectors and businesses. Specifically, it includes hotels, pubs, and restaurants, as well as travel and tourism, sport and leisure, and gaming to address its unique challenges and opportunities.


The retail and consumer industry are facing increasing pressure due to various factors. Consumer belts are tightening, especially given the continuing fragility of the UK economy. Additionally, there has been a significant rise in online stores, further intensifying competition in the market.

Not for Profit/ Charities

We understand the issues facing the sector. We have the charity understanding, experience and expertise ready and available to support you in these challenging times, ensuring your charity is in the best possible position for the upturn and can deal with change


The retail and consumer industry are facing increasing pressure. Consumer’s belts are tightening with the continuing fragility of the UK economy. Along with an increase in online stores


With the costs and rewards of operating increasing. Many manufacturing is finding it harder to decrease costs and find cost effective personnel, with skills to match.  With many retailers choosing price over quality.

Media & Technology

The pace of technological and media change is one of the biggest challenges facing industry executives today. Innovation and the digital revolution have created both opportunity and risk into the media and technology marketplace.


Increasing fuel prices have a direct impact on post and logistics companies and there is an ever-increasing global focus on climate change.  This has resulted in considerable pressure on prices and lower profit margins, whilst competition remains high

Business & Professional

The business services market faces a complex environment – a continued trend towards outsourcing but with huge near-term pressure on providers. Clients are demanding more for less. Those that want to succeed must carefully consider their strategy, structure.

Engineering & Construction

The UK Engineering & construction sector faces more challenges than any other following the recent recession.  Construction contractors are under extreme pressure to improve margins, reduce costs and improve predictability.

Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

The arts, entertainment & recreation market is varied as much as it is dynamic.  The market isimportant to the overall economy and demand is driven by consumer spending and leisure time, as well as demographics, and this has resulted in considerable pressure on prices and profit margins.

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We’ve developed a wide range of unique services to cover many of the challenges you’ll meet. Specifically, we offer support for everything from business planning and business growth to acting as your sounding board. Consequently, our comprehensive services ensure that you are well-prepared to navigate any obstacles that arise.

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