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Not for Profit

Our Not for Profit service is one of the best possible partners for not-for-profit organisations within the High Peak

The administration and accounting requirements of charities and not-for-profit organisations are very different from those of other businesses.

By getting directly involved, we have an enhanced overview of how charities work and function

Our specialised Charity and Not-For-Profit team, renowned for their profound comprehension of the sector, is one of the best possible partners for not-for-profit organisations within the High Peak.

The charity and NFP sector is paramount to our firm. We have an enhanced overview of how charities work and function, providing a well-rounded, informed, and professional perspective and tailored and pragmatic advice.

Regardless of your situation, we are committed to assisting you in attaining your objectives and navigating challenges, all while mitigating risks and ensuring adherence to regulations.

Many members of our team also serve as charity trustees themselves, equipping us to deliver genuinely impactful and relevant expertise.

ABS Accountancy provides accounting and organisational/management advice specifically tailored to the requirements of non-profit organisations under the Charities Act, Charities SORP, and other legislation.

Empowering and guiding clients

As a not-for-profit or charity organisation, you’ll likely dedicate much of your time to funding concerns. Additionally, there is a growing need to demonstrate sustainability, transparency, accountability, and responsible governance. At ABS Accountancy, our highly qualified and committed team of specialist accountants stays fully up-to-date with changes in not-for-profit accounting, independent examination, tax, VAT, and other legislation affecting charities and not-for-profit organisations, so you don’t have to.

Our experienced charity accountants understand your challenges and opportunities, ensuring regulatory compliance and advising on efficient operational changes. We offer comprehensive life-cycle services, from start-ups to winding-up, for local and national NFPs. No matter your size or focus, you can rely on our expertise and services.

Helping you to help them

Whether you run a charity, Community Interest Company (CIC), or another not-for-profit organization, your mission is to help others. At ABS Accountancy, we support you in achieving that mission. Charity accounting can be complex, and our accountants for charities understand that many charity leaders are not accountants. Our team of charity and not-for-profit specialists guides you through the intricate maze of governance, compliance, and accounting regulations, allowing you to focus on running your organisation.

The common services that most off our Not for Profit clients are interested include.

Preparing statutory accounts, and more easily digestible summary accounts for managers and trusteess

Annual independent examination of accounts
Advice on operating structure

Payroll services

Advice on financial reporting/management and statutory issues

Tax and VAT compliance.

Our services are designed to aid compliance, assurance, organisational and operational fitness:

Structure, Compliance and Governance.

Accounting, Assurance and Tax review

Asset and Finance function effectiveness

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