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Our Tax Strategy

This document sets out the tax policy for ABS Accountancy Ltd and its undertakings.

We act with integrity in all tax matters, as responsible taxpayers. We are committed to full compliance with all tax obligations, and full disclosure to tax authorities as required by law


This tax strategy applies to ABS Accountancy Ltd and, in general, to all companies headed by ABS Accountancy Ltd. The strategy considers the following taxes paid and administered by ABS Accountancy Ltd (“UK taxes”). The Executive Board of the company and its entities have authorised this strategy and applies from its date of publication until it superseded.

Our corporate sustainability agenda has also helped frame our tax strategy. This agenda is founded on the following guiding principles:

  • Upholding professional standards
  • Being transparent and fair
  • Fostering a culture of collaboration and
  • Valuing the longer-term consequences of our decisions.

Income Tax

Corporation Tax




Customs Duty

Import VAT

Stamp Duty Land Tax

Our Tax Strategy

Dealing with tax authorities

We engage openly and constructively with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) regarding our tax affairs. We provide information about our commercial developments or transactions, particularly when they involve complex tax treatments. When necessary, we seek formal or informal clearance from HMRC on uncertain tax positions related to our tax matters.

Our Assurance and Advisory service includes:

Preparation of annual accounting statements

iXBRL (inline eXtensible Business Reporting Language) tagging

Making Tax Digital

Preparation of annual corporate tax returns

Advice on accounting compliance such as IFRS, GAAP

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Our tax strategy is compliant with the requirements of para 16(2) and 25(1) of Schedule 19, Finance Act 2016 and relates to our 31 January 2024 year-end.

References to ‘UK Taxation’ pertain to the taxes and duties outlined in paragraph 15(1) of the Schedule, which include Income Tax, Corporation Tax, PAYE, NIC, VAT, Insurance Premium Tax, and Stamp Duty Land Tax. References to ‘tax’, ‘taxes’, or ‘taxation’ refer to UK taxation as well as all corresponding worldwide taxes and similar duties for which ABS Accountancy has legal responsibilities.