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Preparing your accounts at year end is one thing, however, getting the books together at year-end isn’t the end of the story.
Using them to make informed business and personal decisions is the most important bit.

Do you need advice and support to preparing your statutory accounts and management accounts? Would you appreciate expert guidance on your financial performance? Then you’re in the right place ABS Accountancy can provide assurance & advisory and much more.

In order to make effective business decisions, you must have confidence in the information on which you base them. Working with poor or non-existent information can lead to a lack of clarity and control.

In the current environment companies, operate and face, many challenges from an accounting prospective as shareholders, and other external stakeholders take a greater interest in what companies report, and disclose in their financial accounts. Our teams of specialists can support you in ensuring that you meet these challenges, financial reporting is becoming more and more complex, which can mean even seemingly simple transactions can have complex reporting ramifications. Even without change, preparing accounts can cause an unwelcome headache,

At ABS Accountancy, we are committed to helping you reach the right accounting solution, in the context of reporting objectives, commercial reality and regulatory requirements. Our accounting advisory professionals bring in-depth technical accounting knowledge, and substantial industry experience.

With our help you’ll be able to:

  • See from your company accounts exactly how profitable and stable your business is;
  • Make good, solid plans for the year ahead;
  • Decide how to finance things;
  • Use the information for making the right business decisions.

More than numbers – it all adds up!

We won’t just hand over your accounts and leave you to figure out what it all means. We’ll review the financial performance of the business with you, and we’ll answer your questions and advise you in plain English.

It really helps that our director is a small business himself. They feel your pain and speak your language!

Would you also appreciate guidance on how best present your financials and forecast performance? Are you looking for help to look ahead strategically? We can provide it all.

With our assurance & advisory services we can assist you in putting a set of figures into clear perspective and help you to determine what the management accounts are actually saying about the performance and state of your business.

Growing your business can be difficult and stressful so you’ll need to be able to put focus on the areas of activity that make it most profitable. We can also help you with this:

  • assess the key performance indicators in your business and help you explore ways of improving the monitoring of key performance data;
  • assess the impact and likelihood of key risks and define the appropriate actions; and help you to accurately present your budgets and forecasts helping you to engender confidence in your figures and foster business growth;
  • Management accounts – We can provide regular management accounts giving you a clearer picture on things like cash flow, profitability, performance ratios, funding, customer activity, credit control and budget comparisons. Having a regular view of your business will help you to assess and adjust your plans throughout the year;
  • Bookkeeping services – Need help with your bookkeeping? We can visit your premises to process your work or set up remote access and online accounting – whichever you prefer. Outsourcing your bookkeeping to us removes the need for you to employ your own accounts staff.

Our Service includes:

  • Preparation of annual accounting statements;
  • iXBRL taggin;
  • Preparation of annual corporate tax returns;
  • Advice on accounting compliance such as IFRS, GAAP.

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