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The Register of Companies Fraud

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) is alerting people to a new scam where businesses are contacted from The Register of Companies soon after registering with Companies House requesting them to pay a “fee”.

The letter from Register of Companies or Register of Companies and Businesses purports to be linked to Companies House claiming the recipient is required to “confirm their registration”.

The Company request a fee of £190 to register and publicise the new company information. Their website states that the fee is for entry into the register which operates in UK – giving you the opportunity to use the websites services.

The letter being delivered states “lack of payment will result in lack of your company`s entry in”. The implication is that this is required as part of the Companies Registration, when that is not the case. The letter then goes on to say that “lack of payment will result in lack of your company’s entry in or even”, which suggests that it is a required part of company registration. When it isn’t

As you may guessed, the Register of Companies and Businesses is nothing to do with Companies House.

The bottom line is – if you receive such a letter from the Register of Companies, do not respond, there is no legal requirement to and you will be paying £190 for nothing.

We urge that you Protect yourself from this fraud Never respond to any such communication;

  • Never respond to any such communication
  • Any unsolicited contact followed by a request for an Do not pay
  • Never disclose your bank details.

Keep yourself safe

Avoiding such scams is fairly straight forward but you’ve got be careful & vigilant. As long as you don’t respond to suspicious communications, especially ones that ask for a fee, you should be fine. And it goes without saying that you should never give away your bank details unless you can verify that the recipient is legitimate.

If your unlucky enough to receive a letter of similar nature, contact Contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 20 40 or use its online reporting tool to flag any scams.

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